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Construction season is well under way in Ottawa.  Lots of projects looking to be done before the sesquicentennial next year (Canada’s 150th birthday).  Here you can see the Arts Court expansion project which looks like it’s just about done all the below-grade work.   New walls should be getting built soon!

Arts Court Construction

Arts Court Construction project – May 24 2016

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Winter is here

Our shoot scheduled for mid month was delayed several times by bad weather.  Low clouds on most days, and extreme cold on the sunny ones had us watching the weather for a while.  We took this shot of the construction site at Lansdowne on Christmas Eve.

I love winter, a blanket of fresh snow is quite appealing, but I’m looking forward to photographing without gloves again come spring.

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Lansdowne development - December 24 2013

Lansdowne development – December 24, 2013

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